The Reality of Grace Ministries International is a ministry founded by God through Apostle Oluwole Adekunle. A place where you will hear the undiluted word of God to edify, empower and encourage you. We believe in spreading revival across the UK through prayer, evangelism and by proclaiming the goodness of God.
Our vision and aims are to:
  •  Snatch sinners from the grips of satan
  •  Establish them in the liberty where Christ has set them free
  •  Help them discover their purpose for living.
  • Prepare them for the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    A ministry that believes absolutely in the undiluted word of God, the living ministry of the Person of the Holy Spirit, loves and celebrates the Creator and the created.


"We are a church of all nations for all nations"

Call in to have your questions answered or contribute to the discussion with Apostle Oluwole Adekunle.


Join us in any of our house fellowship centres across London for an amazing time in the Word of God. Learn practical ways on how to live a fulfilled life pleasing to God.

Call 07908 407 744